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Get Ready Game Cards Three-Letter Words & Slapjack Farm (2-Pack)

Get Ready Game Cards Three-Letter Words & Slapjack Farm (2-Pack)

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Get two clever games that playfully build important skills! With Three-Letter Words puzzle cards, preschoolers put cards together in sets of three to create fun-filled pictures and spell words. Can you make a cow? It's as simple as combining 3 letters. C-o-w! The pack includes 36 fun puzzles: three cards make one picture; one picture makes one 3-letter word. These Puzzle Cards help little ones learn letters and words to get them ready for reading. With the Farmer Jack game cards how fast can you react? Be the first to slap the Farmer Jack and collect all the cards. Watch out for the scarecrow! This adorable version of a classic card game can help kids learn farm-related words and improve their concentration and reaction time. Manual dexterity, the ability to follow directions, and social skills can grow sharper too! A Parent Card in Three-Letter Words suggests additional activities and games for those cards, and the two Parent Cards in Slapjack Farm present the game’s rules and even more ways to play. Gameplay encourages exploration and creativity and makes learning fun! These cards are easy to tuck into a bag, and make great take-anywhere learning and entertainment.

Fun Features & Benefits
54 Puzzle Cards
54 Game Cards
1 Word List Card
3 Parent Cards
Rounded corners for fast sorting
SKU: 04078
ISBN: 9781681473093
Contents: 1 game card set, 1 puzzle card set, 112 cards
Size: 3.25" x 11.0"
Ages 4+
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